Our competent and committed team of lawyers advises and represents private individuals, public institutions and companies in all legal matters. In addition, we provie comprehensive notary services.

Our preferred activities include:

Labour Law and Public Employment Law

Litigation in private employment contract law and public employment law as well as comprehensive advice in the drafting of labour law documents, such as employment contracts for every category of employee, personnel regulations or salary systems.

Construction, Planning and Road Transport Law

Litigation and consultation for all construction projects (including road construction). This includes, among other things, building permit procedures, zoning, development, landfill and gravel mining, construction projects outside the construction zone, as well as questions pertaining to public-law immission protection issues.

Family and inheritance law

We offer our services as executors and advise and represent you in all inheritance disputes.

We take care of amicable separations and divorces and, if necessary, also prenuptial contracts and controversial divorces. We also offer contractual solutions for spouses and co-habiting partners.

Corporate and Commercial Law

In particular, we assist you with the purchase and sale of companies, the drafting of shareholders' and partners' agreements, the administration of companies vis-à-vis the commercial register and other authorities, capital increases, capital reductions, mergers and conversions, restructuring and the liquidation of companies. We also represent organs and companies in court proceedings.

Incubator for Businesses

In Gossau/SG we carry out all corporate certification for the whole of Switzerland. If required, we offer our address as domicile.

Our high competence and routine in matters of corporate and commercial law allows us to offer certain start-up processes (AG, GmbH, foundations, etc.) at low fixed prices.

Intellectual Property and Competition Law

We take care of your brands (including trademark registration) and company name (company) as well as your copyrights. We assist you in the arrangement of license agreements and in disputes relating to trademarks, company names or domains. In addition, we represent you in addressing unfair competition methods of your competitors.

Liability and Insurance Law

We represent you in all claims, e.g. due to accident, disability or unemployment and on your behalf, we assume the negotiations and procedures with the participating insurance companies or authorities. In the case of financial loss we help you with the enforcement of your claim.

Property and Tenancy Law

We advise and represent you competently in matters of rent and leasing law of all kinds (including agricultural leasing law). We also take care of your private construction law matters (esp. contract work law) and your neighbourly disputes.

International Private Law

Due to our membership of the Warwick Legal Network (WLN), we regularly have international mandates. We advise and represent you in cross-border situations, if necessary, with the help of our wide network of fellow lawyers.


We deal with all legal issues for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), whether it involves drafting contracts, enforcing or defending claims, trademark registrations or questions surrounding temporary work. As notaries we carry out all corporate certification for you.

Estate Planning

Comprehensive estate planning includes, but is not limited to, the design and notarisation of wills, marriage and inheritance contracts, and health care proxy mandates, corporate succession, and advice on the drafting of living wills.


We provide comprehensive notary services, in particular in the areas of marriage and inheritance contracts, wills, health care proxy mandates and certifications in the context of company incorporation or the reorganisation of existing companies. We also certify signatures and copies.

Litigation Before all Instances

Consultation and negotiating skills often hinder court proceedings. Where this is unavoidable, we represent your interests with commitment, tenacity and professional expertise before the civil and criminal courts and before administrative authorities.

State and Local Law

Expert opinions, advice and litigation in connection with fundamental rights, political rights and other constitutional issues. We act as an external legal service for communities and public authorities and support them, for example, in appeals decisions, in appeal proceedings, with the editing of contracts or in personnel matters.

Tax and Contribution Law

We consistently and competently represent your interests against tax authorities and in proceedings before tax courts. We are happy to advise you in dealing with non-punishable voluntary disclosures and assist you in supplementary tax and penalty tax procedures.

Criminal Law

We are experienced in the representation of persons accused in criminal proceedings with regard to all areas of crime (including criminal law and tax criminal law). Being on call for the St. Gallen Lawyer's Association, we are already deployed whenever someone is remanded in custody. This allows us to guarantee an effective criminal defence at an early stage.

Road Traffic Law

As a road user, you are exposed to a wide range of legal risks. We will represent you before the authorities and courts in matters relating to driver's licence suspensions or other administrative measures, punishable sanctions or the settlement of claims as a result of an accident.


Contracts are always bespoke, in consideration of the individual needs and the specific individual case. Good contracts prevent conflicts or at least facilitate a solution. We are happy to assist you in drafting and enforcing contracts (e.g. sales contracts, shareholder and partnership agreements, license agreements, employment contracts or public-law contracts).

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