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We offer our clients, whether they are companies, individuals or public institutions, comprehensive legal advice and legal representation. In addition, we have extensive know-how in the field of notary services. For our services, we have access to a well-developed national and international network.

You, the client and your legal problem are the focus of our services. Professionalism, discretion and a high willingness to perform are a given for us.

Our team is made up of committed, well-educated and experienced lawyers and notaries who always pull together in the same direction. We consider your request as our challenge, which motivates us daily and drives us to the peak of performance.

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Bettina Eggenberger Assistant

Being right does not automatically mean winning your case.
That's why good and professional help is needed.

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Dr. Martin E. Looser lawyer & notary public

Consensual solutions are generally better for all involved,
rather than years of court proceedings.

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Marcel Aebischer lawyer & notary public

Life always has more cases than any lawmaker can imagine.

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Florian Weishaupt lawyer & notary public

As a seasoned lawyer, I am able to testify that it can be advantageous in court
if you are in the right.

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Dr. Manfred Küng Consultant
Bettina Eggenberger, Assistentin
Bettina Eggenberger
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