About us

About us

What sets us apart?

We are a modern, well-connected law firm offering notary services, predominantly active in Eastern Switzerland. However, each of our lawyers and notaries has his or her own areas of specialisation in which they have specialised knowledge. This means we can offer our clients comprehensive legal advice and legal representation.

Our team is made up of committed, well-educated and experienced lawyers and notaries who always pull together in the same direction. We consider your request as our challenge, which motivates us daily and drives us to the peak of performance. Therefore, we look forward to each new legal issue with which we are confronted.

Our clients appreciate having a single point of contact on which they can fully rely for all their legal issues. However, it's not possible for a single lawyer to be experienced in all areas of law, which is why a lawyer has a main area of focus. This is why it's an integral part of our professional understanding to exchange our opinions on legal problems that arise in the interests of our clients when necessary. We're supported by our friendly and competent secretary's office and our well-developed network of partners.

What we do offer?

Our competent and dedicated lawyers provide professional Services and advise / represent individuals, public institutions and companies in their areas of priority. In addition, as notaries, they provide comprehensive notary services. .

We provide our services predominantly in Eastern Switzerland. Through the partner offices of Küng Rechtsanwälte, sind wir in der Deutschschweiz gut vernetzt und deshalb in der Lage, Sie auch ausserhalb der Ostschweiz effizient und verlässlich beraten sowie vertreten zu können. Durch die Mitgliedschaft im Warwick Legal International Network können wir Ihnen die Unterstützung durch Anwälte in ganz Europa vermitteln.

Thanks to our memberships in the Business Forum, SME Association and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we're extremely familiar with corporate concerns. Through our work for 'Startfeld' we also have valuable know-how and experience in the field of start-up companies.

What matters to us?

You, the client and your legal problem are the focus of our services. Professionalism, discretion and a high willingness to perform are a given for us.

We maintain direct and open communication with you, especially in regard to the opportunities and risks relating to your case and the associated costs. This requires that you provide us with all necessary information and documentation.

The result achieved must be in reasonable proportion to the lawyer's efforts. For this reason, we strive for consensual and out-of-court settlements for our clients first and foremost. Our experience teaches us that such outcomes are for the most part more efficient, cheaper and much more widely accepted by all parties. However, if a legal dispute is unavoidable, we accept it as a personal challenge and will represent your interests before the courts and authorities with consistency, commitment and persistence.

What is the cost?

Your initial contact with us is free.

Giving legal advice is bespoke work. Accordingly, our fee is calculated based on the amount of time spent at the agreed hourly rate. The cost of resolving the problem and the hourly rate depend on the difficulty of the case, the urgency, the specialist knowledge necessary as well as the value of the dispute or interest.

In the interests of cost-efficiency, you should prepare for the first meeting with us and arrange any available documents as orderly and chronologically as possible.

In addition to the fee, we charge a flat rate of 4% of the net fee (excluding VAT) for case-related expenditure (such as copying, postage, telephone, etc.). All other expenses (such as travel and procedural costs, etc.) will be charged at cost price. Furthermore, VAT at the currently valid rate is added.

We regard it as a matter of course that we lay out our fee costs for you transparently and invoice them regularly.

Please do not regard it as a sign of mistrust if we ask new clients to pay a reasonable advance of the costs. This not only serves to safeguard the fee, but is also to clearly show clients the costs of a lawyer's activity and, if necessary, to prevent them from taking rash and imprudent actions.

If you have legal protection insurance, please let us know when you first get in contact with us.


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